The Future of Live Multi-Camera Video Production is Here

The creator economy is here! OTT livestreaming is rapidly replacing traditional broadcasting. Live event content in every niche – from sports to corporate product launches to concerts to unscripted streamers – can find a profitable audience online. But the way we capture and produce video is outdated, inefficient, and simply won’t scale with that demand growth. This outdated model drove us to create a solution to scale professional livestreaming video production at a fraction of the cost.

Through robotics technology and cloud computing, we’ve made livestream video production better, simpler, and radically less expensive.

AIR One is the first professional video production platform designed from the ground up for broadcast quality OTT production. Born from decades of pain shooting multicamera live events, we’ve created a remote system that minimizes equipment, captures better video, and radically reduces operational costs.

Capture with AIR One

The AIR One® cloud-native smart gimbal is equipped with a 4K digital cinema camera. It fits in a case small enough for carry on luggage, it’s light enough to mount anywhere, and gives you more intuitive camera control than ever before. Set it up, plug it in, turn it on, and start shooting in a matter of minutes. It’s also infinitely flexible. Interchangeable lenses, interchangeable camera modules, IP based cloud production or traditional hardware switcher, AIR is a fit for any production environment.

Control with AIR app

Advanced Image Robotic’s unique iOS app brings you full control over your gimbal and camera with the touch of a finger. Pan and zoom with ease, precision, and smoothness. Bring ultimate control to your craft with minimal equipment. Once you experience the ease of running a multicam shoot from an iPad, you won’t want to go back (but if you need more traditional control options, we offer that, too).

Produce with AIRcloud

AIRcloud gives you unprecedented integration over the camera-to-viewer workflow, acting as an orchestration layer between AIR One, your cameras, your favorite production apps, and your CDN. It is a force-multiplier for your crew, simplifying shoot preparation, crew assignments, switching, comms, media asset management, and storage all in one place. Because AIR One connects directly to the internet, in most cases you don’t need to roll an OB truck and can run a high definition multicam stream over standard broadband. At ultra low latency, your team can run multiple units onsite or offsite, and your director can call shots from anywhere as if they were in the same room!
Air One


With the AIR One®, live production has never been easier.

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With AIR One, capturing live video has never been easier. 

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AIR Cloud

Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and hello to a streamlined, efficient live production workflow.

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AIR Solves Live Video Production Challenges at Scale

Innovative and agile, the AIR Platform overcomes traditional video production challenges so you can livestream with unmatched scalability, mobility, and cost efficiency. With lightweight components, an intuitive interface, and seamless cloud integration, our users can effortlessly manage and scale their productions, ensuring high-quality results, only paying for what they need when they need it.

Traditional Production


AIR Platform

Equipment Dependence

Relies on costly hardware, production trucks, cables, specialized infrastructure, etc. Equipment is not always available and/or requires larger upfront capital investments.
Integrates lightweight components, standard broadband, and software for a platform that is low cost, flexible, and easily upgradable.


Requires regular maintenance and updates. 

Can be diagnosed and repaired remotely.


Large crew required for setup and operation (onsite and offsite). 

Minimal crew required. Can be offsite or onsite. Crew can be deployed to multiple events in a day. 


Time-consuming setup process, involving multiple personnel.

Quick and efficient setup, reducing downtime and operational delays.


Requires highly skilled staff, multiple boxes, setup time, and network testing. 

Plug-and-play. Only requires power and a standard broadband connection. 


Limited portability due to fixed setup, larger form factor, multiple pieces, networking requirements. 

Highly portable all-in-one package. Small footprint. Mount anywhere.


Limited scalability, may require additional hardware upgrades for expansion.

Highly scalable cloud solution, supports numerous streams, facilitates rapid scaling without hardware constraints.

Video Storage

Additional hardware required onsite.

Multiple solutions. Store in cloud, or NAS. Can also store on-camera at full resolution.

Total Cost of Ownership

High initial capital investment and ongoing operational costs.

Lower upfront investment, reduced operational expenses, cost-effective solution for both small and large-scale projects.

Return on Investment

Long-term return on investment may be slower due to high initial costs.

Provides quicker return on investment with lower upfront costs and streamlined operations.


AIR Production Workflow

Our cloud-native workflow enables you to have a small on-site crew while most functions take place remotely through the AIRcloud platform. The AIR workflow is cloud-native by design and ultra-low latency. It involves five main steps:

Use Cases

Discover the difference with AIR One live video production results.

Scale Your Livestreaming Video Production

Results you can count on. A budget you can afford. AIR technology is better, simpler, and radically less expensive than traditional video production techniques. Guaranteed. Join the ranks of successful AIR users, from tier one sports teams to independent YouTubers.