Advanced Image Robotics

Welcome to the future of live video production....


AIR is a cloud-native video production platform that makes the camera-to-viewer workflow simpler, radically less expensive, and more sophisticated.

Cloud-Connected, Intelligent Platform for OTT Live Streaming

AIR provides a fully-integrated platform that delivers pro-quality video at a fraction of the cost, and enables collaboration from any location.

Tackling Video Production Challenges

Motion Control

Manual control of a camera leads to human error, bad footage, and more time on the shoot. AIR enables machine-guided precision for smooth camera control. Our built-in remote capabilities make it so an operator can easily manage multiple cameras from another room, another city, even another country.

High Costs

Equipment expense is just the beginning when it comes to high-end video. Logistics and travel costs are some of the biggest expenses on any shoot. Traditional videography requires years of training and large, expensive crews. AIR minimizes the equipment footprint and simplifies the camera-to-viewer workflow.

Media Management & Post

Edit teams burn thousands of hours per year locating, transferring and processing video on physical media. Collaboration between team members in different locations is cumbersome and expensive. AIR streamlines the production workflow, minimizes hardware, and moves media storage to the cloud.




AIR One is the first system built from the ground-up for end-to-end remote video production. By blending proven industrial and consumer tech, AIR One unburdens content creators and elevates the quality of what they produce. With a sleek, lightweight form factor, AI assistance, and native REMI capabilities – AIR One is your lens to the future of videography

Built for the Future

AIR One is built for the next generation of video and broadcast technology

Cloud Storage

Motion Control

4K-8K Resolution

5G Ready

Ready for Anything

Live Events

Team AIR

Our executive leadership brings decades of experience in robotics, filmmaking, tech manufacturing, and IT.