Your Control Hub for Remote Live Productions

The AIR App is your all-in-one control hub for controlling AIR One with ease and precision. Designed to simplify camera operation and enhance your creative capabilities, the AIR App empowers you to control up to 6 cameras all with the touch of your finger.

Unlock the Potential of the AIR App

Experience the full range of options and capabilities offered by the AIR App, your gateway to intuitive control and seamless management of your live productions. Dive into a world of innovative features designed to streamline your workflow, enhance creative control, and deliver unparalleled quality to your audience.

Record, start, and stop

Single tap to engage slider for manual ISO control.
Double tap to engage auto-ISO.

Single tap to engage slider for manual iris control. 

Single tap to engage slider for manual focus control.
Double tap to engage autofocus.

Slider control for zoom, focus, iris, & ISO

Single tap to engage slider
for manual zoom control.

Audio settings

Internal recording settings

Streaming settings

White balance settings -
Double tap to engage auto-WB

Image settings

System settings

Playback recorded clips 

Pan/Tilt robot via grab/drag in picture area

40 programable presets for pan/tilt/zoom/focus
position with variable speed and easing
40 programable presets for pan/tilt/zoom/focus
position with variable speed and easing

Session management and permissions 

Integrated crew comms

Discover the Power of the AIR App

Unlock the full potential of your live video productions with the AIR App. Explore its intuitive features, from remote camera control to real-time monitoring, designed to streamline your workflow and deliver professional-quality results with ease. 

Remote Camera Control

Take full command of your cameras remotely with the AIR App. Whether you’re adjusting focus, zoom, or pan/tilt, the intuitive interface puts complete control at your fingertips. With seamless integration with AIR’s robotic camera systems, you can capture every angle and shot you want.

Effortless Switching

Control up to 6 different AIR One robots on one iPad. Whether you’re orchestrating a multi-camera setup or managing complex live events, the AIR App ensures smooth transitions and professional-quality productions.
cost and time savings icon

Real-time Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your live feeds and monitor critical camera data in real-time with the AIR App’s monitoring features. From monitoring battery levels to adjusting exposure settings, you can stay in control of every aspect of your production, no matter where you are.
camera diagnostics

Integrated Communication

Stay connected with your team with integrated voice communication tools within the AIR App. The comms are integrated into the control interface so everything you need is on one pane of glass.

Flexible and Compatible

The AIR App is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of devices and platforms, ensuring compatibility with your existing setup. Add-on control hardware like PS4 game controllers, focus and zoom control knobs, even a pan/tilt bar are coming soon.

User-friendly Interface

Navigating the AIR App is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to live production, the AIR App makes it easy to get up and running quickly, allowing you to focus on creating stunning content.

Explore More of the AIR Platform


A completely self-contained robotic gimbal that can be controlled from anywhere and needs only a broadband connection to securely send your video stream to any endpoint in the world. It features an off-the-shelf 4K digital cinema camera, interchangeable zoom lens and provides smooth, ease-in, ease-out, human-like pan-tilt-zoom functions. It’s also “smart” so can provide operator assistance like no other camera product in the world.

It’s a smart robot that produces human-like camera movement.


AIR One automatically connects directly into AIRcloud, an orchestration layer that simplifies your most complicated productions. You can automate your shoot prep and permissions, access all your favorite live production apps from one place, and manage your content via our media asset manager. 

Scale Your Livestreaming Video Production

Results you can count on. A budget you can afford. AIR technology is better, simpler, and radically less expensive than traditional video production techniques. Guaranteed. Join the ranks of successful AIR users, from tier one sports teams to independent YouTubers.