AIR Platform

Discover the comprehensive features and capabilities of the AIR Platform, revolutionizing video production with cutting-edge technology and seamless cloud integration.

AIR Platform Overview

The AIR platform is a three piece solution that makes video capture better, simpler, and radically less expensive. It includes: 


It’s a smart robot that simulates human camera movement. A completely self-contained smart gimbal that needs only a broadband connection and power supply to be controlled from anywhere and securely send your video stream to any CDN. It features an off-the-shelf digital cinema camera and interchangeable lens, zoom motor, iPad, travel case, and all necessary connectivity accessories. AIR One gives users smooth ease-in, ease-out, human-like pan-tilt-zoom functions. It’s onboard CPU makes it an edge device, providing operator assistance and machine learning functions like no other camera product in the world.


It’s your super-intuitive camera assistant. A native iOS app that enables touchscreen control of AIR One directly tethered to the device, via LAN, or over standard broadband. AIR app gives you all camera functions at the touch of a finger. Pan and zoom with easy, precision smoothness. No more joystick or hard buttons (but we offer that solution, too, if you prefer). Control up to six robots, each with up to 40 preset recall positions, from one iPad. Using AIRcloud deeplinking, all camera settings and permissions can be autopopulated remotely.


It simplifies and automates multicam technical complexity so you can concentrate on “telling the story”. AIRcloud is an orchestration layer for your cameras that simplifies your most complicated productions. You can automate your shoot prep and permissions, access all your favorite live production apps from one place, manage your content via our media asset manager, and store your results in our vault. 


AIR Production Workflow

Our cloud-native workflow enables you to have a small on-site crew while most functions take place remotely through the AIRcloud platform. The AIR workflow is cloud-native by design and ultra-low latency. It involves five main steps:

Optimize Your Live Video Production

Through robotics technology, machine learning and cloud computing, we’ve made livestream video production better, simpler, and radically less expensive.



Decrease costs

Replacing traditional livestreaming video production with the AIR platform can reduce costs by up to 65%.

Save time

With the AIR platform, you can setup and breakdown a shoot in minutes, not days.

Simplify production

The AIR ecosystem centralizes your tech stack and simplifies execution through cloud compute, automation, and machine learning.

Unlock the Power of the AIR Platform

Discover the transformative benefits of the AIR Platform, revolutionizing live video production with cost savings, streamlined workflows, and cutting-edge technology. Explore how AIR enhances camera operation, provides access to a robust cloud ecosystem, offers advanced camera diagnostics, and introduces machine learning and autotracking to simplify the entire production process.
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Cost and Time Savings

The AIR Platform reduces production costs through automation and simplicity. Setup and breakdown robots in minutes. On-demand cloud switching means you only pay for what you use.

Camera Operation 

Control AIR robots securely from anywhere via AIR iPad app. AIR App gives you all of the camera functions at the touch of a finger.

Cloud Ecosystem

AIRcloud provides producers access to preconfigured on-demand compute instances running industry standard production apps. You can store, manage, and distribute your video assets directly from your AIRcloud account.
camera diagnostics

Camera Diagnostics

AIRcloud Master Status Dashboard provides real time system monitoring, camera diagnostics and stream health statistics directly from the source.

Autonomous Tracking

Coming soon! We are building a computer vision system that can track objects in real time. Camera movement data enables semi and fully autonomous camera systems.


Take advantage of the entire AIR ecosystem or only deploy the components you need. Seamlessly integrate with your existing production. 

Scale Your Livestreaming Video Production

Results you can count on. A budget you can afford. AIR technology is better, simpler, and radically less expensive than traditional video production techniques. Guaranteed. Join the ranks of successful AIR users, from tier one sports teams to independent YouTubers.