Prep with AIRcloud™

  • No more spreadsheets and clipboards
  • Create a project, upload site plan
  • Drag and drop cameras and crew into position
  • Automated permissions and camera stream routing
  • Save by project or by customer for easy duplication
  • Cloud-based for easy sharing with distributed teams

Capture with AIR One™

  • 4K @160fps*, 10-bit color
  • 4/3” CMOS sensor
  • Up to 16 stops dynamic range
  • Gigabit Ethernet for data, control + direct live streaming
  • Up to ProResHQ internal recording
  • Full range pan, tilt, zoom
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Brushless motors for smooth, silent movement
  • 4Gb onboard CPU for smooth movement and motion data capture
  • Self-leveling head gives sets up and breaks down in seconds
  • Light enough to mount anywhere, small enough to fit in carry-on baggage.

Control with AIR One™ app

  • Ultra low latency over IP for remote operations
  • Intuitive touchscreen UI
  • Pan, tilt and zoom with precision
  • Programmable presets
  • Smooth, feathered stops
  • Double-tap to auto focus
  • Full control in one pane of glass

Switch, Edit and Stream with AIRcloud™:

  • Full integration of camera-to-viewer workflow.
  • Crew are location-independent and can work multiple events in one day.
  • Stream directly from camera via ethernet connection.
  • Simplifies connectivity between applications.
  • No need to roll a satellite truck to the event.
  • AIRcloud™ operating system gives your distributed team access to familiar tools like vMix®, Premiere Pro®, Discord®, and more.
  • Switch, distribute, edit, run comms, add graphics, and output results to any CDN.
  • Multicam configurations
You'll never need this much gear again. Creatives shouldn't need to be IT experts. AIR One™ handles all the connectivity in the cloud!

Store + Post Production with AIRcloud™

  • Store directly from camera into AIRcloud vault
  • AIRcloud™ subscription includes 500 GB storage (upgradable)
  • Video files are automatically indexed for easy keyword retrieval. No more digging through piles of hard drives to find archival footage!
Image shows feeds from three remote cameras being switched in the cloud, graphics added by Smoothcomp, with final stream going to YouTube live


AIR One™ unit with integrated Z CAM® E2-M4 camera module

Panasonic 14-140 lens

Control iPad with AIR One™ app

High-impact carrying case with custom foam

Power supply + cable accessories

3 months AIRcloud™ subscription

12 months warranty and support