About Us...

We founded Advanced Image Robotics in March 2020 to solve pains experienced over 30 years of live video production. Content creators and producers shouldn’t have to be IT experts, and it shouldn’t take the GDP of a small country to broadcast an event.

Our executive team has worked with some of the biggest brands in entertainment and tech, won multiple Emmy® Awards, and driven some of the world’s biggest product launches. Technical advances over the last few years have given us the pieces to radically simplify this industry, and we’ve used our collective expertise to combine them into a purpose-built platform. We can’t wait to see what content you’ll create with it!

OTT Livestreaming is growing from $30 Billion to $534 Billion by 2030. Advanced Image Robotics gives you the tools to cost-effectively scale your content production with that growth.


  • Robotic controls and machine precision give you greater accuracy in shooting.
  • Camera equipment sets up and breaks down in minutes.
  • Direct cloud connection streamlines the camera-to-viewer workflow.
  • Enabling distributed teams through cloud production means a more efficient labor force.


  • AIR One™ estimated production cost savings of >50% (mileage may vary).
  • Investing in more engaging content typically sees a 24% uplift in subscriber eyeballs.
  • Beijing Olympics had a record low TV viewership (8.7M), and a record high streaming viewership (12x higher at 106M)!
  • In 2022, PGA expects to broadcast ~650 hours of golf, and expects to livestream over 4300 hours. But this only represents 35% of what they want to do!
  • The average video editor loses $7000 in productivity per year simply managing and searching for media.
Handsome Greg shows off how little equipment it takes to pull off a 5 camera shoot using AIR One™

“AIR’s technology solves a number of critical, long-standing problems in the video production workflow in a way that no one else is doing.

– Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, Paramount Pictures

Meet the Team

Nick Nordquist
Founder & Chief Product Officer

Nick is the inventor of the AIR One™ platform, and founder Industrial Strength Television. He holds 11 Emmy® Awards for commercial, documentary and television work covering subject matter as varied as America’s shrinking middle class, urban at-risk children, green energy, homelessness, gay singles bowling, and big box retailing. A native San Diegan and lifetime hacker, Nick was also employee #1 of DJO Global (nee DonJoy), ironing logos on neoprene back in the 70s.

Kevin McClave
Founder & CEO

Kevin has over 25 years’ leadership in enterprise sales and manufacturing operations, delivering over $4 billion in value for some of the world’s biggest tech brands, as well as working with numerous start-ups as advisor, investor and key employee. He has lived and worked in over 30 countries, a biproduct of his passion for supply chain and his never-ending quest for the perfect street food.

Jeff Debrosse

Jeff has 25 years senior leadership experience in information technology and cybersecurity, and was founder of Sympler and NXT Robotics. His work includes designing and building core security architectures, contact-tracing solutions for COVID-19, and remote robotics solutions for major industrial brands. Jeff is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a first-generation immigrant. In other words, he gets the job done.

Eyal Zubi Rubin
Director Product Development

Master Hacker Zubi is the thread that binds the software, industrial, and consumer technology together into the innovation that is AIR One™. His early work includes programming for Peregrine and Sun Microsystems, and he holds 8 patents in industrial processes. Zubi prepares only the finest espresso for the team (with a lemon twist, natch) and makes the best hummus in the western hemisphere.